About the Company

Qualified Drivers

We love to help people accomplish their Goals.

Glorious VIP Credit was founded by Jorge Gayle with one simple Goal: To assist families in accomplishing their financial, family and Business Goals.  We are passionate about helping you! Our Business Model is based on tested principles and processes that get results! And we persist until we can help you accomplish your dream!  We are not successful unless you are successful, and we back this up with a 90 day Money Back Guarantee Policy!

Qualified Drivers

We Are A Team Of Industry Experts

We have years of experience in dealing with Collection Accounts, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies and many other challenging situations that can have a negative impact on a Credit Report. This experience allows us to help many families and individuals to Increase their Score and accomplish their Goals.


Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to change the life of families by assisting them in accomplishing  their financial, family and Business Goals. We do this by Increasing their Credit Score, and by equipping them with the necessary knowledge to keep an excellent Credit.


Our Core Values

Our Values help guide our ability to get results and provide the foundation for our success. These values are: Integrity, Passion and Determination.

Where YOU come first!

We strive to provide every customer with the best service in the Industry. If we don’t get a ” WOW” then we have not yet done our Job.

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