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A Sneak Peek of The Online Summit Replay

Mark Clayborne

I consider myself a success story, not because I have made a lot of money in the credit repair business, but because my passion to leave my 9-5 job was so strong that I took action and I made it big time. Back in the day, I had a job in law enforcement with no freedom. I lived from paycheck to paycheck. My bank account was always zero. I had no savings. I got tired of working during the weekend and not spending holidays with my family. 

My credit was not that good either. I got tired with it all so I decided to do something about it. I wrote a book called “Hidden Credit Repair Secrets.” It was the number one book on Amazon for SIX years in a row. It’s number six as of today. From there, people started asking me to fix their credit, so I started a credit repair business, which I ran for over six years. This led to me coaching new entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own credit repair business. 

From there, I created Startup Credit Repair Business Training Center, Client Dispute Manager Credit Repair Business Software, and Roadmap to Six Figures Credit Repair Marketing Event. So you could say that I went from broke to wealthy in a short time, and now I want to help you through the Online Dispute Summit.

Andre Coakley

The founder of Credit360 Inc, Andre Coakley is a FICO Certified Credit Professional who has spent over 20 years helping clients obtain and rebuild excellent personal and business credit profiles. Mr. Coakley holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Law from Bethune- Cookman University and held several Florida State appointments such as Principal Mortgage Brokerage License, Bail bond and Surety Agent License and a Life Health and Annuities License.


Over the years he has analyzed over a 800,000 of credit reports giving him extensive knowledge on credit trending. Andre is certified on consumer credit laws including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Transaction Act. Andre has helped thousands of consumers enforce their credit rights and dramatically improve their credit and quality of life. He has become well known in both consumer and business credit arenas for helping consumers dramatically improve their credit profiles and scores.


Moreover, Andre has sat on various credit committees and understands the frustration a business owner faces when trying to navigate the complex world of bank finance. Andre also spent much of his career in banking advising clients on how to leverage their business credit without need for personal guarantees. Whether your business wants to build its credit profile or seek finances for inception, growth or expansion, Andre is a valuable resource for you.

Ebony DuBois 

Master Dispute Trainer I have been processing for the last 3 years using multiple methods to include dispute and compliance-based challenges. One of my major job descriptions was to instruct and teach the entire battalion how to read a credit report and explain how to legally combat unethical business practices I was the Finance officer in the U.S. Army since 1999 I responsible for training 900 Soldiers. Since becoming a veteran, I have mentored and help over a dozen people start a credit repair business making it possible for them to generate enough income to maintain their homes solely from their Credit Repair Business. I am also a Certified Instructor for 2 major companies.

Essie Christensen Baines

I started in the credit repair industry in 2014. I was working a corporate job while trying to make a name for myself in the industry. I decided to take the leap of faith and go out on my own in 2017 and quite my corporate job. I enjoyed doing credit repair because I knew it was an industry that could really help individuals being that I myself went through a rough patch of BAD CREDIT and the DENIAL CYCLE. I already owned my own Tax and Bookkeeping/Accounting company and figured why not implement credit repair. During this journey I noticed that a lot of other Credit Repair companies where struggling trying to process disputes, marketing and keeping client retention, some were working 9-5 and I could totally relate to the struggle. That is when I extended my expertise into outsourcing in 2016. Outsourcing became my passion. I was the Authority behind companies that helped their clients. Together the credit repair experts and myself was able to continue getting people where they needed to be to purchase that new home, new vehicle or just stop those collection calls. It also helps credit repair companies reach that next level in their business. I own a reputable credit repair company CER Financial Services and one of the BEST outsourcing companies out there 365 Outsourcing Solutions.

Kenya Mays


As a former Business Liaison and Credit Repair Specialist of aFortune 500 company, Kenya has built relationships and businesses from conception to million-dollar companies. Her dedication to her husband and 3 children pushed her to live out her purpose. While experiencing the adversity of bad credit and money management, Kenya quickly realized that good credit would allow her to live a better lifestyle. She then poured into everyone on the importance of credit. From the vision, Allen Mays Credit Repair was birthed. She is a firm believer that your “Name is more important than a paycheck.”


She is also the founder of Kenya Mays Consulting. It is a mentoring program that helps credit repair companies focus on processes and procedures to help scale their business.

Ron Gibson

Also known as “The Debt Eliminator”, “The Dispute Master”, is the Founder and owner of DECS WE KILL DEBT LLC, DEBT SOLUTION SERVICES LLC, and Co-Founder of USA CREDIT ASSIST LLC. With nearly 9 years of experience working in the credit industry, Ron has personally reviewed over 10,000 consumer credit files for loan officers, lenders, and consumers. Ron Gibson is extremely passionate about helping people throughout the country with his Debt Elimination program. His commitment to provide consumers a second chance attaining excellent credit; with best practices and help layout the best course of action consumers need to follow in order for them to regain their Financial freedom back. Ron is very litigious, he understands the credit laws, how they function and the ways in which they are interpreted by the credit bureaus, creditors, and debt collectors is the key to his success. Ron brings real life strategies to consumers who are searching for practical answers to their credit questions. As part of his quest to give back to the community to better understand a flawed, complicated credit system; Ron is a proud Board Member of the African American Chamber of Commerce. He dedicates his time with a non-profit organization FIHH (Fathers In Hip Hop) educating children and their fathers of the importance of attaining a 700+ FICO score.

Subhan Tariq

The Secret Weapon is coming to the Online Credit Repair Dispute Summit. You don’t want to miss his session. When you need an Attorney that will fight for your clients when it comes to removing inaccurate information from the credit report, you go to Subhan Tariq. 

Subhan Tariq regularly handles complex commercial litigation, with particular experience in consumer finance litigation in individual and class action cases in the areas of federal and state consumer protection laws. Mr. Tariq has successfully helped thousands of consumers exercise their consumer rights against large institutional banks, debt collectors, and consumer reporting agencies.  

The most important thing that I like about him is that he is down to earth, approachable and very nice but dangerous in court.

Take Advantage of the Experience and Expertise to Learn at Your Own Pace Anytime and Anywhere

Our premium recordings, including the downloadable audio transcripts and speakers’ slideshows, mean that you can learn everything you need to know so you can:

  • Interview your client to learn the right information before beginning the dispute process.
  • Understand credit reports to identify inaccurate information.
  • Leverage the dispute system to optimize your results.  
  • Craft dispute letters that maximize impact.
  • Use our 6-Step Factual Dispute Machine process to help clients.
  • Learn everything you need to know about challenging an inaccurate bankruptcy.
  • How and when to involve an attorney in the credit disputing process.
  • Hire an outsourcer for disputing to get the best results for your clients.

Speakers' Topics


What is the Online Dispute Summit Replay?  

The Online Dispute Summit was a remarkable event that included 6 top credit dispute experts teaching attendees their secrets to successfully challenging inaccurate information.  

The replay is all the content from that seminar organized in an online learning platform that includes videos, audio and slides.  

Who should watch the summit replay?  

If you are looking to stand apart from the credit repair competition by learning the most effective credit dispute methods, then this is for you!  

Why should I get the recordings?  

Because this is your only chance to see live footage of 6 experts sharing the knowledge that has taken them to the top of the credit repair industry.  

The attendees at the summit could not believe how helpful the information was for their own credit repair businesses. Now, you get that same information without having to travel to the summit!  

  How much content is in the summit replay? 

There are over 7 hours of high quality video and audio recordings from Mark Clayborne and the additional five guest speakers.  

In addition to the video and audio footage, there are also information slides and audio transcripts that are available for download.

How can I watch the videos?

Once you register for the Credit Dispute Summit Replay, you will receive a link to our online learning portal. Then, you will have your own personal login details, where you can enter the portal and view the videos right away.  

The videos can be watched on your computer, smartphone or tablet.  

I have more questions about the summit replay. Who can I call?

Please contact our support team at 1-888-959-1462 or and we will be happy to assist you!